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The country's dependence on economic development in the Global North and the particularity of its economic and business structure are not only products of Peru's role in the globalized capitalist world, but also strengthen this role. Governmental policies that promote the Peruvian development model are the result of the correlation of economic forces in favor of extractive capital and the state's fiscal dependence on the mining sector.

National Minorities as a Capital.

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View Development Economics Research Papers on for free. Last weekend, the North East Universities Development Consortium held its annual conference, with more than papers on a wide range of.

The aim of this issue brief is to present the novel concept of national minority capital and to define it against the background of minority and social capital studies. The concept is based on analysis of empirical evidence within the The concept is based on analysis of empirical evidence within the frameworks of past ECMI research projects and the conceptual models designed for their purposes. It sits at the intersection of regional development studies, minority studies and social capital theory, which helps it to offer an alternative perspective and inspire further interdisciplinary academic research and debates on the topic.

Although the model and the theory are only at their initial stage, the discourse that they introduce can help policy and decision makers in their strategic planning. National minority capital can become an asset and economic advantage to states but only if they can manage diversity so that individuals belonging to minority communities feel motivated to offer their cultural competences to the benefit of the multicultural societies to which they belong.

An overview of the Economic Development and Institutions (EDI) research programme: year 1

Ness and Z. Cope, published by Cope, published by Palgrave MacMillan. Consumers' Apple Consumption Preferences in Afghanistan. The apple is one of the most highly produced and consumed fruits in Afghanistan. Its production has tremendously increased during the past 15 years as a result of investment and introduction of high-yielding varieties.

Despite the Despite the increase in domestic production, apple producers still face import competition mainly from Pakistan, Iran, and China. This is further exacerbated by inappropriate post-harvest handling and losses. Results show that Afghans are willing to pay more for improved quality apples compared to typical domestic and imported ones. It utilizes international data to evaluate the linkages among It utilizes international data to evaluate the linkages among bilateral trade in goods, bilateral foreign direct investment FDI flows and BC co-movements.

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The paper contributes to the current literature by examining the relationship using the latest available data sample range: — , and thus taking into account the European sovereign debt crisis period. It also examines the role of FDI, which though increasingly important in the flows of international production factors, is currently neglected by the literature. Preliminary results show that FDI has no direct effect on BC synchronization while international trade helps to synchronize BCs but only before the recent financial crisis pre and only for the traditional EU countries.

Growth effects of human capital and stages of economic development: a panel data investigation of different country experiences.

The empirical literature on the role of Human Capital HC for economic growth has reached strong evidence for a robust positive relationship mainly through cross-country growth regressions. This paper using a large panel of data This paper using a large panel of data 93 countries investigates the growth effects of human capital taking into account the different stages of economic development across countries and identifies those factors that may affect the above effects.

Our findings suggest that education has indeed a significant and positive long-run effect on economic A total of A total of rural women were sampled across the region. However, despite the significant success in supporting education initiatives generally, none of the scholarships target females specifically, and compared to men, the low level of human capital in rural women has persisted.

ThReD - Theoretical Research in Development Economics

By extension, this could delay the reduction of poverty and attainment of Sustainable Development Goals in the Niger Delta region. The Persistence of Weapons: Global Evidence. This study investigates persistence or hysteresis in weapons using a panel of countries for the period to The following are some main findings.

Hence, there is less hysteresis in weapons exports when compared with heavy weapons when weapons exports. Policy implications are discussed. Elda N.

House prices and tourism development in Cyprus: A contemporary perspective. This study investigates the nexus between tourism development and house prices in the Republic of Cyprus over the period spanning from Q1 to Q4.

Journal of Development Economics

The empirical results indicate a significant evidence of cointegration. Expectedly, it is statistically observed that as the land area per person decreases, it is accompanied by a hike in house price.

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Also, the impacts of domestic credit offered to private enterprises and the consumer price index are different from the results in previous studies. As a policy guide, the government of Cyprus and stakeholders in the tourism and housing sectors should outline a strategy that will ensure the social welfare of people such that housing availability is not hampered by tourism activities.

We developed and automatically calibrated our DSGE model using the Bayesian estimator, which made our model robust to rigorous stochastic number of subjective choices. Our simulation result indicates that global factors account for the inability of national Central Banks to predict the behaviour of macroeconomic and financial variables among these developing nations. American group offers hope, is helping transform Zambia away from the land of the million orphans.

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Bush, and its example holds powerful lessons for other humanitarian ventures, Bush, and its example holds powerful lessons for other humanitarian ventures, both in Africa and America. This study assessed multidimensional poverty in rural parts of Adamawa State, Nigeria. Specifically, the study objectives were to: describe the respondents' socio-demographic characteristics, determine their multidimensional poverty Specifically, the study objectives were to: describe the respondents' socio-demographic characteristics, determine their multidimensional poverty status, and identify the determinants of multidimensional poverty in the communities sampled.

A multi-stage cluster sampling technique was used to collect primary data from household heads selected from 16 villages across the study area. The respondents' socio-demographic characteristics described in the study showed that their mean age was The study indicated that the majority The distribution of the respondents' mul-tidimensional poverty status revealed that majority The study revealed that multidi-mensional poverty in the study area is influenced negatively by age, marital status and household size.

Similarly, gender, educational level, livelihood activities, farm size, livestock ownership, remittance, membership of group, and access to credit have a positive effect on multidimensional poverty.

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Key among the recommendations of this study is the provision of adequate basic infrastructure in the area. Democracia, Diversidad, Disgenics, Muerte: el colapso inexorable de las sociedades modernas. Submissions in all research areas related to development economics are welcome. We also encourage submissions at the intersection of multiple fields, in particular those that use novel tools to provide new insights related to development economics. All submitted papers will be reviewed prior to acceptance for presentation, and all applicants will be notified of the outcome by email.

see url Submissions for thematic contributed sessions are also welcome. For thematic contributed sessions sharing a common subject, please submit three 3 papers individually through this call for papers and email the conference organizers to alert them about your proposed session. Please note that all papers submitted as part of a thematic contributed session will be reviewed individually. A session will be formed if all papers are accepted. Otherwise, only accepted papers will be allocated to parallel contributed sessions. For any question, please contact the conference program co-chairs: Alejandro Herrera aherrera inesad.

The deadline for submissions is: Wednesday July 31, The review process will finish by: August 30th, The registration deadline for accepted papers is: September 20th,