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This course kept me constantly busy. The following year will be a final stroke. I was lucky enough to have a few odd jobs:.

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There were some jobs that stood out, including my editing position, blogging experiences in a non-profit theater, and freelance. Why were they special to me?

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In your response, you may wish to discuss a recent book you read, a museum exhibition you visited, or a work experience you had and explain how it shaped your ideas about Art History and your interest in pursuing a graduate degree. Your password. Make sure to use good grammar and spelling — and always proof your writing. Ditch the thesaurus. Graduate Application Essays Apply Inquire. Incorporate items into your body paragraphs from the instructions for your essay. Athletic Training MS A personal statement or essay.

They all dealt with something I liked, which is getting to the core of things and dissecting different texts. Creating a new world with my words was something great.

It took me one year to realize that a graduate school is a good choice for me to continue my journey. My sincere hope is that graduate education at this university can set me on the right path toward my future academic and career pursuits. At the moment, I consider a few possible directions for my studies:.

How to Write the Graduate Admissions Essay

What is my personal goal? I want to exhibit future and current work in conferences to become a part of the important literary discussion. The Engineering program is a leader in this field. Its focus on different needs of disadvantaged communities and the use of technology to improve the lives of people in need align with my interest in using skills to help others.

The support of my mentors helped me to succeed. Make an outline or free write.

1. Don’t become a graduate school essay cliché

You can tweak the introduction later once you are more aware of your noteworthy accomplishments or the defining events that have led to your career interests. Although these essays are often called personal statements, they are not an autobiography. Instead, view it as an essay about your journey as an emerging scholar. Provide evidence to demonstrate that you have actively confirmed your interests and that earning an advanced degree will help you achieve these goals.

Describe the courses, articles, professors, research, service projects, internships, shadowing or co-curricular activities that have shaped your aspirations. It is one thing to demonstrate your knowledge of the field by referencing a current debate.

Why Does Your Personal Statement Matter?

It is quite another thing to offend your readers with excessive political or religious rhetoric. For example, it is not enough to say that you aspire to be a social worker because you want to help children. You could do this in a variety of occupations. Similarly, anyone can say that they are interested in law. Earn credibility by demonstrating this passion. Unless it is a common application system, such as those used by law, physical therapy and medical schools, you should describe your rationale for selecting the program among other alternatives.

By the way, most of the schools that use a common application system will require supplemental essays that inquire about this. For the time being, you may omit it from your initial personal statement. Each institution has its own values, mission and faculty. What led you to select its particular program over others? Was it an emphasis in a particular area e. Was your interest heightened by a conversation with its alumni? Briefly mention any noteworthy and appealing features that attracted you to the program or institution, but do not go overboard.

Committee members already know the prestigious awards that they have won, and most of your competition will mention these same attributes. DO Be objective, yet self-revelatory. Write directly and in a straightforward manner that tells about your experience and what it means to you. Do not use "academese. Draw your conclusions from the evidence your life provides. Be specific. Document your conclusions with specific instances. See below a list of general words and phrases to avoid using without explanation.

Get to the point early on and catch the attention of the reader. Limit its length to two pages or less. In some instances it may be longer, depending on the school's instructions.

Graduate School Essay Introduction | Essay Writing Tips

Use a catalog of achievements. This is only a list of what you have done, and tells nothing about you as a person. Lecture the reader. For example, you should not write a statement such as "Communication skills are important in this field. Once you have done a draft or 2 or 3 , show it to people you trust such as faculty, GSIs, family, friends, letter of recommendation writers, etc. The best people to review your statement are those who know you well and have excellent writing skills. Donate to the Career Center.

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