Importance of value based education essay

Importance of Value Based Education

We need more focus on providing the room for experimentation and testing of ideas several times without students having to worry it will have high stakes on their grades, admission into college, and future.


Students must learn to recognize different cultures and ways of thinking, and to understand that prejudices can hinder the ability to think and live in peace. This challenge also extends to the natural world and bio-diversity. It also means recognizing the abilities of children as active and informed citizens.

There are many ways by which they may do so, but to help give an idea, here are three quick tips.

Probably the most important point of all. If you want your students to show solidarity, be supportive. If you want your students to respect diversity, then you have to respect diversity too. Create scenarios in which students feel outside of their comfort zones within reason and are confronted with situations that reinforce the values in education. Doing so will allow students to become familiar with examining and understanding different points of view — something that is very important to developing a greater sense of maturity.

External resources offer a great alternative to the above in allowing students to explore situations that might otherwise be impossible in the context of a class.

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These resources may include films, shorts, documentaries, news, or numerous other study resources. To remain compliant with EU laws we would like to inform that this site uses cookies. Read our privacy policy OK, got it. Skip to content. Book Tickets VbE improves behaviour, relationships, learning environment, personal wellbeing and attitudes to learning which lead to higher standards of academic attainment.

VbE works by the whole school community sharing a vision and making that vision happen. VbE provides a structure and a process whereby that can happen. Studies find that VbE improves student and teacher wellbeing, academic diligence, the teaching and learning environment, student-teacher relationships and partial parental and family participation.

What Is Life Skills-Based Education?

To become a values-based school, every member of staff has to feel valued and a part of the movement. A whole-staff INSET day brings everyone together and crystallises the vision and practicalities for all. Photo - Rowdeford School Read More Over schools have now achieved the VbE Quality Mark. These schools have created values-based environments and are places where children, staff, families and governing boards are living the values of their community!

Schools are all at different stages on their values journeys. Use the Menu of Professional Development to find the right training for your staff and community. You may be looking to introduce VbE to staff and parents; or deepening and embedding it in the school community. VbE is transformative. It greatly improves our students' capacity to learn and to succeed in life.

Now reaching over 1 million students each year, it is exactly what schools needs to help their students flourish. Happy children, happy staff and happy communities.

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Writing sample of essay on a given topic "Importance Of Value Based Education". Free Essay: VALUE-BASED EDUCATION: A NEED OF TODAY In the present era of education assisted by ultramodern technology, we are.

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Transforming Schools

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The Value Of A College Education

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Values education

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