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When Marco Polo returned home, Venice was at war with Genoa. He was imprisoned and dictated his story to a fellow inmate. Released in , he became a wealthy merchant in his own right. He died in and was buried at the Church of San Lorenzo in Venice. European cartography was greatly advanced by maps that Marco Polo had brought back from China. Age of Discovery research papers look into the beginning of the 15th century, when European mariners discover new trade routes to the Indies and new continents.

Mongol Empire stretched across the Near East and Eastern Europe from the thirteenth century to fifteenth century. This page is designed to show you how to write a research project on the topic you see here.

The Travels Of Marco Polo

Use our sample or order a custom written research paper from Paper Masters. The Mongol hordes also threatened parts of Europe, especially Poland and Hungary. By following this definition, it is obvious that Marco Polo had a successful journey. Not only was he able to document his journey to China, but he was also able to spread his experience throughout Europe, thereby immortalizing his name.

Marco Polo took the long journey to China with his father and his uncle which changed his life forever. Though this seems undisputable.

Marco Polo Did Go to China, New Research Shows (and the History of Paper)

He was the first explorer to travel as far as China and report of his findings. Consequently, seldom was known of the customs and cultures abroad.

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Yet, two men, the Italian tradesman Marco Polo and the Moroccan Jurist Ibn Battuta became famous for having managed to perform extremely long distance journeys away from their home country. At the end of their long travels, both men shared their experiences with the world via the books, The Travels of Marco Polo and The Travels of Ibn Battuta. An analysis of those two texts reveals two things.

On one hand, Marco Polo remained a cultural outsider to the people he met during his. Marco Polo was a Venetian merchant who traveled over land from Venice for half of his journey from Acre to Beijing. In addition to that, the names of the Mongols, Kublai Khan, and the Silk Road also seem to come with the package. So what is the relation between them exactly? To the people with an inadequate knowledge of the middle ages these names are but single entities that have no connection whatsoever. But in reality, to truly grasp the great deed that Marco Polo has accomplished, one must attain an advanced level of expertise. Modern Family deals with the traditional family as a portrayed by the Dunphys, which is also shown the homosexual family lifestyles in the Princhett-Tuckers and mixed marriage in the Pritchetts, who are older and younger couple.

There is a blended family made up of an older white. Traveller Marco Polo tells Kublai Khan tales of the numerous cities of his empire, which the Khan himself will never visit. Each city cannot be compared, as they are all radically different from one another. It occurred approximately 10, years ago. Many hunter-gatherers. Documents 2 and 4 also emphasize how travel can be accountable for the exchange of ideas between cultures. Both Ibn Battuta and Marco Polo traveled extensive distances, stopping in various cities.

Throughout their journeys, they carried their ideas with them, but were also introduced to the ideas of the people in the places they were visiting. Document 3 presents what is most likely. In his youth, Columbus became interested in traveling the world because of a man named Marco Polo.

In , Marco Polo, traveled to china via ship and camel. He returned twenty four years later with more knowledge of the world than the average European. This book detailed a land with incredible new ideas not yet available to the Europeans, such as: coal for fuel, a pony express-style.

The slow road to China

In , Nicolo and Maffeo Polo set forth on their first journey to the East. After traveling from the East to the land of the Tartar they reached the Kublai Khan court. The Khan questioned them about the Catholic faith and asked them to return to Europe and request the pope to send missionaries. However, when the two explorers returned they learned that Pope Clement was dead.

Invisible Cities contains of an impressive display of discussions between Marco Polo, the legendary Venetian explorer, and Kublai Khan, the famous Conqueror. Considering these cities are not ever actually seen, yet only recounted, they are unnoticeable to the.

Marco Polo - the man who brought China to Europe | Europeana Blog

Marco Polo's Travels formulated in Europe of the fourteenth and fifteenth century a new perception of the Eastern world, a world just as advanced and sophisticated as that of the West. Yet, another two centuries were needed for a significant change to take place; this was Christopher Columbus' voyage. For Christopher Columbus, Marco Polo's travelogue was a valuable and solid resource that contained the necessary details of the East. The geographical descriptions in his writing generated a basis for.

Before the renowned expeditions of Christopher Columbus, or Ferdinand Magellan, the Polo family were the original explorers whose triumphs and success stories inspired future travelers to discover the unknown world of the Eastern hemisphere. During the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, Europe was in need of an intervention, something to bring life to the dull communities throughout the continent. Marco Polo brought exactly this, and contributed so much more with his travels across the world, bringing. But, I have a great tale to tell about a man by the name Marco Polo. Another alluring part is how there are multiple places represented by different people , because there are either many monarchs or just none.

I think that all the different imagery might make them think that he is lying or just crazed. Carpine is aware of this, but explains that he did not want to interfere with the military.

Historical Recount: Marco Polo and His Voyage to China Essay

My name is Marco Polo and I am a Venetian merchant and explorer. I have spent most of my life traveling abroad to the exotic land of Asia. During my time abroad, I indulged in rich culture, exquisite cuisine and much more. Welcome to my website where I am able to share the stories of my travels.

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We traveled across the Mediterranean Sea, passed through the land of Euphrates. He was much more than just a trader however, providing the Western world with detailed accounts of the foreign society that was Medieval China under the Mongol conquest. These accounts would later become invaluable to historians for centuries to come.

Early life

Doubts have been raised since the mid-eighteenth century about Marco Polo's presence in China. Though he was not the first European to reach China see Europeans in Medieval China , Marco Polo was the first to leave a detailed chronicle of his experience. This essay is concerned with Martin Luther , and his concept of Christianity. With him was a copy of Marco Polo's book. He marveled at the empire's use of paper money, an idea that had failed to reach Europe, and was in awe of its economy and scale of production.

Written in ca. Italy in , written by a very famous Italian prose writer of the postwar era, Italo Calvino. This concept of writing emphasizes the aspects of humanity and social consequences in generic city makeup and the way we become trapped in the metaphorical. Throughout the novel neither Kublai Khan nor the reader can decipher whether Marco Polo is describing a bona-fide city or a fantastic dream.

This duality of reality and fantasy forms a captivating narrative and forces the reader to make a myriad of inferences and heightens the quality of the literature.

Invisible Lakes though an attempt. In her Subject or Object? This can be easily. Secondly, the Silk Road was a great way of sharing scientific ideas and information, for example, when Ibn Batuta welcomed Marco Polo in his court, he wanted to learn from him. Universities and libraries were established and many scholars exchanged ideas. Other examples of scientific ideas included the Silk worms which were only produced in China but spread rapidly.

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Printing is. Modern Family deals with the traditional family as portrayed by the Dunphys with a mom, dad and three children; a homosexual family with one adopted daughter, the Printhett-Tuckers and a mixed marriage family with one child, the Pritchetts, an older. Frances Wood. Through new research done by Dr. The journals of Captain Cook, Marco Polo and Christopher Columbus provide very good descriptions of what we have referred to elsewhere e.