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These days outsourcing was a very common hotel management style as hotels employ external expertise being cheaper, faster and more skilled than hotels by themselves. Outsourcing was not confined to one application or two whereas it means different things for hotels. Generally hotels applied outsourcing applications as a method for surviving in the present competitive marketplace.

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The notion provided hotel with an opportunity to pay greater attention to core activities by freeing up hotels with resources from peripheral and supporting activities. This research focused on Arya hotel group which is one of the well-known and admired Iranian hotel chains and studies the application of outsourcing on this hotel chain.

Assessing hotel outsourcing activities in Arya hotel chains

This research used qualitative approach attempting to collect descriptive data from personal interviews with some of the Arya hotel general managers in different cities such as Mashhad, Kerman, Tehran and other major cities where the hotel group has branches. Additionally this research reviewed several articles and books related to hotel outsourcing and denotes their findings as well.

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This research attempted to present ideas related to outsourcing of hotel activities aiming at refining Iranian hotels especially in case study of Arya hotel group. The finding of this research showed that from various applications of hotel outsourcing the main reasons and drives of outsourcing in the hotel group is only cost cutting and increasing service level of the hotels.

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Students should always involve professionals when they find themselves in a situation where they are unable to identify suitable research topic ideas on leadership. Capstone Project Topics. The behavioural theories can help the managers at Hilton Group for developing specific leadership behaviours they give them little guidance as to what constitutes effective leadership in different scenarios. Impact of new technology: Technology which facilitates on-line hotels will have an impact in terms of staff reductions on the front-desk hotel staff, which used to perform those functions. All the standards for evaluation and control are determined centrally from the headquarters in the form of orders and commands. The course also aims to highlight the importance of local governments' decisions and practices in ensuring the sustainable development of tourism, and to develop new recommendations for decision makers in this regard. Behavioural Theories: Behavioural theories of leadership are based upon the belief that great leaders are made, not born.

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Case Study : Hotel Management And Tourism

I hereby affirm that this Bachelor's Thesis represents my own written work and leadership style is the most efficient for the hospitality industry. leadership style on employee job satisfaction in five-star hotels. A questionnaire .. Organisational Change”, Unpublished master thesis,. University Center.

Students can also anticipate a set of examples embedded with the topics highly relevant of today's hotel management trends. What encourages putting effort into work?

hotel management style

And what is the link between motivation and good job performance? The question of what people expect or want from work is one of the most discussed topics in human resource management and a wide range of authors have tried to find the best fitting solution, which combines extrinsic and intrinsic methods. But what is motivation all about?

Or what is the connection between motivation and performance? Historically, the first author who tried to solve the question of there being a link between motivation and performance was Frederick Taylor. He invented the Scientific Management approach to human resources in His idea was to separate conception from execution.

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For Taylor, extrinsic factors, like money, were the best ways to encourage employees because people have a simple set of needs at work. McGregor suggested by carrying out the theory he discovered that compulsion and bribery are the core motivation factors. Here, he stated that Taylor did not recognize other social psychological needs that encourage people to work.

If work feels boring and alienating, there is a danger that people act without thinking of the purpose of their actions. They would work for rewards and to avoid punishment rather than in the interest of the company. There is therefore there is a need to understand human nature and needs before understanding an organization. Mayo researched the influences on productivity, accidents and labour turn-over by the effects of rest pauses. According to Frederick Herzberg , p.