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Importance of Water Essay Image Credit:- Google Image. Most of the water on this earth is found in the seas and oceans. Those water cannot be used due to the excessive presence of salt in the water. The percentage of drinkable water on earth is very little. In some parts of this globe, people have to travel a long distance to collect pure drinkable water. Wastage of water has become a burning issue on this planet. A huge amount of water is wasted by human beings on regular basis.

We need to stop wastage of water or stop water wastage to escape from imminent danger.

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Awareness should be spread among people to save water from being wasted. Water, scientifically known as H2O is one of the primary need of this earth. Not only humans but all the other animals and plants need water to survive in this earth. We, the human being need water in every walk of life.

From morning to evening we need water. Except drinking human need water to cultivate crops, produce electricity, wash our clothes and utensils, other industrial and scientific works and medical use etc. But the percentage of drinkable water on earth is very little. Time has arrived to save water for our future. People in our country and in some parts of this earth are facing scarcity of pure drinking water. Some people still depend on government-provided water supply or have to travel a long distance to gather pure drinking water from different natural sources. The scarcity of pure drinking water is a real challenge to life.

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So wastage of water need to be stopped or we need to save water. It can be done through proper management. In order to do so, we can also stop water pollution so that water can remain fresh, clean and usable as well. Water is the primary requirement for all the living organisms. Among all the planets, for now, humans have discovered water only on the earth and so life has been possible only in the earth.

Human beings and all other animals cannot survive for a day without water. Plants also need water in order to grow and survive as well. Human beings use water in different activities. Water is used in cleaning our clothes and utensils, wash, cultivating crops, producing electricity, cooking food items, gardening, and many other activities. We know that almost three-fourths part of the earth is water.

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But all this water is not suitable for use. So it is very much necessary to save water. Wastage of water needs to be controlled. We should identify the water wastage facts and try to save water as much as possible. People who live in those areas where there is plenty of water available should understand the value of water and thus save water.

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In some parts of the country and across the globe people try rain Water harvesting to emit scarcity of water. People should understand the importance of water and thus wastage of water should be controlled.

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Water is a precious thing for us. We cannot even imagine our life on earth without water. Still many people on this earth face scarcity of water. This teaches us the necessity to save water on earth. Water is one of the most primary needs for mankind to live on this earth. We need water every single day.

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You could do the same sort of search on "cost of water to commercial enterprises" or agriculture or institutions or the military , which will give you different results from what water suppliers charge homeowners. You'll probably start thinking of additional keywords you can try. Question: I need to start a project on the importance of water. Water is a constant reminder that life repeats. What other qualities does water have? Then ask yourself, what would they do if they didn't have water? I don't have a clue about the topic and none of the sites I've been to explain it well.

We not only use water to quench our thirst but also in different activities like producing electricity, cooking our food, washing ourselves and our clothes and utensils etc. Farmers need water to cultivate crops. Like human beings plant also need crops to survive and grow as well. Though there is a sufficient amount of water present on earth, there is only a very little percentage of drinkable water on earth.

So we need to save water from being polluted. We must learn how to save water in daily life. In our homes, we can save water from being wasted. We can use the shower in the bathroom as a shower bath takes less water than a normal bath.

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But due to those leakages, a huge amount of water is being wasted on daily basis. Agricultural- water is used for the growing of our foods. Much of our fresh water is also used outdoors for watering lawns. Nevertheless with time men have evolved and slowly distance from nature. We seem to now think we no longer need nature or the ecosystem for survival.

On the contrary we only exist because of nature and ecosystem. Society needs to realize this and start working towards incorporating ways to include ecosystem into our daily lives as an essential. One way we can start is by conserving this earth most valuable natural resource, water. What is the. Water or H2O, is an unusual compound with amazing properties, these unique properties are what make it so important to life.

All living. The main components of the Earth 's atmosphere is nitrogen and oxygen, the nine planets in the solar system composition is very special.

Composition of the global atmosphere more of the ingredients can be divided into stable and unstable constituent components. The former include nitrogen, oxygen. Why are we determined to continually hurt ourselves over and over again? Every day people are committing acts of terror towards our natural habitat we call earth.

Is it an intentional annihilation against our own species, or is it an unknown action that we are creating our own destruction without any mental disturbance. There is an obligation to protect our way of life and the resources we need to live.

Earth Without Water

Since we are the alpha species, we should take heed to the warning signs earth is giving us. When humankind migrates to another planet, it might be a wonderful trip to start a new life. However, we also know that it is a trip full of risks and challenges, and a trip that might result in the loss of numerous lives. Some scientists argue that the Earth will soon be unsuitable to inhabit because the Earth is being heavily polluted and the natural resources are being excessively.

Generally, water is understood as a neutral and transparent fluid which is found in streams, rivers, lakes and oceans from all over the world, not to mention that rain a collective source of water. Venturing in chemistry, water is a chemical compound whose formula is H2O. It composed of two elements; one oxygen element and two hydrogen element which are chemically bonded together Mobley, Apparently, water makes the highest percentage of fluids in the bodies of living organism.

As a matter. Why is Water Essential for Life on Earth? Essay Words 6 Pages. There is no life on earth without water.