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You will be presented with a question followed by an argument, and you will need to decide whether the argument is both important and directly related to the question. These various sections will evaluate your critical thinking skills through the following process:. The five sections of the test will determine your results and identify your strengths within the three keys to critical thinking. These are:. The importance of tests such as Watson Glaser is that they show employers your ability to handle problems and behave logically as opposed to emotionally.

Employers are looking for individuals who can handle these types of problems effectively within the working environment and demonstrate a calm and considered approach to such issues. The more you practice these types of tests, the better you will become at achieving a high score. Practice Aptitude Tests is not associated with Watson Glaser.

We provide preparation services for Watson Glaser psychometric tests. Visit www. SSL secure payment. By using our website you agree with our Cookie Policy. Watson Glaser Tests 19 tests questions. They are an international company with offices in Europe, Australasia, Asia and the Americas. Buy tests Free test. A law firm has a lot greater resource. The problem with a Watson Glasner or any other online test is that it boils down to luck and chance and doing well at this particular kind of test which has absolutely nothing — absolutely nothing — to do with the job at hand.

Your exams are university should demonstrate your intellectual ability and the interviewers can take it from there. Agree with you re HR v partner interviews.

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Partner interviews are normal conversations with human beings. HR interviews are wooden and mindless hoop-jumping exercises. Slaughters has a poor recruitment process. They focus solely on grades without looking for any previous law related work experience.

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Lots of people are vying for a coveted TC. Most of them are qualified for that position. Why not get someone who is overqualified for it? Perfectly said, how can firms reject solely on a crap outdated test. You should have mentioned how firms just use this platform to filter down their applicants.

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Alot easier to reject on a test than actually reading the full application. Once is a typo. Twice explains the failures that I assume led to the resentment evident in your comment. Having been involved in some analysis on WG and other assessments, it is one of the strongest predictors of performance in the LPC and on the job as a trainee.

Much stronger than A-level results, and also it also makes interviews seem like the most inefficient way to recruit where their predictability is so low. Your comment speaks for itself really. When has anyone in the history of humanity ever given a slightest toss about the LPC?

The most important things you need by a country mile as a trainee are people skills. And then an element of organisation. These things simply cannot be tested in an online test. Firms do care about the LPC if they pay students to pass the course, give them a maintenance grant and then they fail it. Firms are risk adverse and will find ways to minimise that risk.

If that is using a test that predicts you are less likely to fail the LPC, then that is just one way of doing that. On the job performance is also about the people skills you talk about.

If you take performance data, through appraisals ratings and evidence, that will include details of how individuals work with others. From my experience in reviewing recruitment processes, that data shows that higher performing individuals are more likely to have a higher performing WG result. And that correlation is much stronger than other assessments.

However such assessments are far more likely to have conscious or unconscious bias to them. Academics are all the screening needed. WG is NOT designed to test people skills.

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There is no necessary correlation between better reading comprehension and people skills — anything you find is anecdotal coincidence. Partner interviews are conducted for all levels besides graduate. And all companies use them for recruiting staff — not just law firms — at all levels. If academics are all the screening needed, why do firms bother with applications forms when they could just ask for transcripts? And if people skills were the only important part of performance on the job why would academic performance be important?

You can judge motivation, intellect of a wide variety and people skills from an application form and interview. With Slaughter and May, all you have is the academics and a short covering letter of a few hundred words.

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This is a comprehensive and carefully prepared preparation material for the WG-CTA developed by a leading author in the field of critical thinking. Second Type — Recognition of Assumptions. He serves as a consultant on critical thinking to PocketConfidant, an international company that is developing AI for personal coaching. SSL secure payment. While there are some companies that rely only on the Watson Glaser test, others have a combination of tests to evaluate an individual.

If you have a first, you have a fair shot at interview. Barristers sometimes put in a legal problem question into the application form which they may further discuss at interview. Usually the best places will have you debate a topic at interview which helps test a variety of metrics. I night have been wrong. That Bar aptitude test has a lot of similarities to the WG test. Any analysis, even if it is on a back of an envelope, would be better than your thinking which lacks any supporting evidence and is just a unsubstantiated opinion. What is a Watson Glaser test? The Watson Glaser test examines an individual on the following parameters:.

So what is critical thinking?

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A critical thinker has the ability to assess a situation, after due consideration and understanding the multiple perspectives to it. A critical thinker is also able to recognize and form sound opinions and assumptions from the situation. It allows a person to define the problem, understanding the information to solve problems, recognizing the assumptions, creating a sound hypothesis, reaching conclusions and judgments.

These are all extremely important skills that make for professional employees that can help a company grow. Which industries use the Watson Glaser Test for evaluation? There are many industries that base their assessment of an individual on the Watson Glaser test.

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The Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Test also referred to as Critical Reasoning Test, is a commonly used aptitude tests that come up during a job application. Practice Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Test Free Online | Start preparing sample Unlike other psychometric assessments (numerical and verbal reasoning).

These are typically industries that require critical thinkers, some of the industries include:. From small scale to fortune companies, today many are using the Watson Glaser aptitude test to evaluate potential employees. Some of the famous companies using the Watson Glaser test are:. Companies want employees who can make decisions based on critical thinking rather than an emotional thinking.

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When the mind is clouded with emotions it is unable to make sound decisions. What is the Watson Glaser Passing score?